A Sunday Drive up Skyline and Half Moon Bay
March 3, 2003 

Nature conservancy
half way between Hwy 9 and 84
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Lookout Point looking East
Note: San Francisco, skyline (left)
Palo Alto, Hoover Tower (center)
San Jose, Moffet Field (right)
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Close-ups DSC00652 inset.jpg (71451 bytes) DSC00658 inset.jpg (59304 bytes) DSC00656 inset.jpg (50691 bytes)
The Farmer in the Dell? DSC00661-2.jpg (115460 bytes)
La Honda DSC00665.jpg (112259 bytes) DSC00666.jpg (149313 bytes)
2 Miles from Coast
Looking West and East
Wall of Coastal Fog
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Skyline JNO 92
Looking West, East, South
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